R14 b1 - MP4 audio bug?

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I'm trying out the new D14 b1 build with MP4 files I get straight from nvidia shadowplay.They are variable frame rate (they capture screen refresh) so my normal workflow is to transcode (using ffmpeg) to DNxHD 60Hz fixed rate, 48Khz 196kbps stereo sound.With the improvements to the speed of h264 handling I figured id try the original files - however there seems to be an audio problem with themOnly partial waveforms appear in trackview (like the first 2s then nothing after), I can scrub in the source viewer with normal audio, but drag that clip to the timeline and it's silent. 
I even had a clip be ok in source viewer, but once I scrubbed though it once it became silent on multiple tries.I understand that the variable frame rate will always be an issue (I may indeed keep my original workflow of transcoding) but I thought the audio issue was worth noting 

Please help.

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